Ancestry Webb, Walsh, Hill, Warwick

Phillip Smith Webb (Carteret)

B 1764

D 17th January 1799 Witley

Thomas Gooche

2nd husband

Mary Smith

B abt

D 29th April 1814

Admiral William Webb

B 19th October 1795


D 22nd Jan 1866

Juliana Webb

B 1798

Emily Carteret Webb

B 1799 D 1880

Colonel Robert Smith Webb

B 1794 Witley Surrey

D 1868 Hambledon, Surrey

Philip Barker Webb

Born 10th July 1793

D 31st August1854


Hannah Barker

B abt 1767

D 14th January 1853

(As Hannah Gooche)

Harriet Augusta Currie

Born Dec 22nd 1806 Surrey

D Feb 11th 1848 Witley

Daniel Webb

B About 1678

D 1757

Godfrey Webb

B ??

D 1776 London

Philip Carteret Webb F.R.S F.S.A, M.P.

Of Busbridge Hall

B Devizes Wilts August 14th 1700

D 22nd June 1770

Susanna Lodington

1st wife B 1711

D 12th March 1756 Bath

Rhoda Coates

Philips 2nd wife

Married 2nd November 1730 Re-Married 20th August 1758

Edward Bever

Rhodas 2nd Husband

Mary Leticia Fanny Webb

Baptised Witley

30 Dec 1779

D 23 July 1780

Susanna Webb

Philip Barker (Carteret) Webb

B 1736

D Paris 10th October 1793

Married 15th July 1763

Hannah M T Webb

B 1797

Married 31st December1792 in Lyme Regis

Godfrey Webb

Born 1833 Milford Surrey

Ellen H Webb

Born 1835 Milford Surrey

Emily H Webb

Born 1836 Milford Surrey

Louisa M Webb

Born 1834 Milford Surrey

Robert W Webb

Born 1832 Milford Surrey

Married Leyburn, Yorkshire Dales 1879 Married 1848

Francis David Webb

B October 24th 1842 Witley, Surrey

D February 5th 1926

Catherine Augusta Wade Dalton

Born August 18th 1848 Hamswell Constable Yorks.

Died July 29th 1933

David Webb

B 21st July 1880 Cardiff

D 17th January 1940 Folkstone Kent

Mary Webb

Born 1881

Victoria Sq. London

D 16th Nov 1957

Rhoda Webb

B March 3rd 1886 Brighton Sussex

D  Spinster 1943 London

Douglas Farquhar Glennie

B 7th Apr 1881 Dovercourt, Essex

D 2nd May1951 Southwark, London

Rosemary Douglas Glennie

Born 7th May 1913 St George Hanover Square

D Feb 1991 Westminster London

Dorothy Anna Stephens

B Leicester 1875

D Exmouth  Devon 22 April 1957

Marjorie Bruce Barmby

Born 1892 San Francisco USA

Died Dover 1974.

Married 25th November 1908.

Divorced 15th June 1914

Married June 1912

Alton Hants

Married 1927

David John Webb

Born Feb 19th 1913 Whitstable Kent

Died August 1st 2003 Middx

Phyllis (Joan) Webb

B Richmond Surrey 14th July 1917D 1st  July 2011 Alderney CI

Frank Marchant Matimong

Born Camberwell 1906

Died 1997 Bucks.

Margaret J Matimong

Born 1945 Brentford Middx

Richard C Matimong

Born 1951 Middx South

Never Married

Anne P Webb

Born 1938 Middx

Peggy Warwick Hill

Born 14th December 1917

Died 15th December 1989

Valerie Webb

Born 1940 Middx

Geraldine G Webb

Born 1942 Middx

Julia P C Webb

Born 1944 Middx

David J Webb

Born 1950 Middx

Never Married

Lived together as man and wife, mid 1911

Married 1937 Middlesex

Moira J Butcher

Born 1954 Hampton Court

Geoffrey L Rose

Born 1936 Surrey NE.

Keith Clement Irwin

Born 31st Dec 1942 Staines Middx.

Died 17th April 1991 Westminster London

Allan W Davy

Born 10th Oct 1936 Brentford

Died March 1996 Fulham, London

Brian M Evans

Born October 1940 Brentford

Married 1958  Middlesex

Married 1968  Richmond

Married 1978  Richmond

Married 1965 Middlesex

Married 1960  Richmond

Annie Georgina Walsh

B Sheppey Kent 7th July 1884

D 12th November 1958 aged 73

Olive Faulkner

B Reigate Surrey 1899

D Chichester Sussex 1977

Frank Nigel Matimong

Born Brentford Middx 1938

Married 1932

Reigate Surrey


Rachel Wright

Daughter of General Sir Robert Barker (1729 to 1789) Daughter of Thomas Smith Of Milford House

Benjamin Webb

B About 1680

D 1758


Samuel Wright Webb

Benjamin Webb

B ??

Died in infancy

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