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Frank Marchant Matimong

Born Camberwell London 1906

Died January 1997 Aylesbury Vale Bucks.

Frank’s father, Frank Thomas Matimong was born around 1874 in London Middlesex, however despite a wide search I was unable to discover his birth record, however a relation Sally has now supplied a copy of a Baptism record, click here to view.

Pasted here is further information sent to me by Sally Patton and relate to Franks father Frank T :

His baptism (see above) lists his parents as Alfred and Catherine Matimong - his marriage lists his father as Albert Matimong, deceased. Ancestry transcription errors do not make life easy, there are a number of interesting transcriptions of Matimong.... Given he was raised by Thornton grandparents, pretty safe bet Catherine was actually Catherine Thornton, and chances are she and Alfred never actually married.  

Alfred/Albert was french and there are records of him marrying in Paris in 1875 to a Rose Marie Pauline Souliere, and he died in 1897 in Paris, after which Pauline remarried.  

The Paris records also give his parents as Antoine Matimong and Catherine Berton. Catherine Berton and Antoine Matimong married in 1838, and Catherine Berton died in 1844, after which Antoine remarried in 1845 to Heloise Josephine Guyoot.

Antoine Matimong's parents were Antoine Matimong/Mathimong and Marie Fiegel/Fregel.

Thanks to Sally for this information.

A search of all the births with the family name Matimong from the year 1761 until 2006 in England reveals that only 7 have been registered in 250 years since the records were kept, all listed below, the first recorded being Uncle Frank. We find from the 1911 census that Frank Thomas Matimong has written alongside his record, “Father French, mother English”, so until this time the name Matimong did not appear in England. Of course it is possible Uncle Franks father was born in England, there is evidence he was baptised at St George Bloomsbury in 1874 as above but I cannot find the record on the English birth records.

MATIMONG Frank Marchant England London, Camberwell 1906

MATIMONG Frank N England Middlesex, Brentford 1938

MATIMONG Joan M England Middlesex, Brentford 1945

MATIMONG Richard C England Middlesex, Middlesex South 1951

MATIMONG Souta Ann England Dorset, Weymouth 1966

MATIMONG Joanne Elgin England Dorset, Weymouth 1968

MATIMONG Jarrod Joseph England Sussex, Brighton 1995

The first time I could find Frank Thomas Matimongs name was the 1891 census when he appears to be living with his grand mother :

THORNTON, Catherine    Head        Widow   F   63    1828     Bag Maker Leather      Marylebone  London  

THORNTON, Jane           Daughter   Single   F   26    1865     Strap Maker Leather    Holborn        London  

MATIMONG, Frank         Grandson   Single   M  16    1875     District Messenger       St Pancras     London  

In 1901 Frank Thomas Matimong married Matilda Elizabeth Craven in Headington, Oxfordshire, Matilda is recorded as having been born in Notting Hill London in 1871. Odd is that the marriage is solemnized in London, click here to view record.

Matilda parents were John and Emma Craven, they are both down in the census as grocers, the name Craven seems to be most common in Yorkshire.

Previously in 1891 Matilda Craven, Franks future wife is working as a domestic nurse for the Carter family in Harpenden London.

Other than that neither Matilda or Frank can be found anywhere in England on the 1901 census. The census was taken 31st March 1901, we know that Frank and Matilda married in the first quarter of 1901 so we could surmise they were away on honeymoon outside of the English census.

In the 1911 census Frank Thomas Matimong is living with his wife Matilda Elizabeth and their son Frank Marchant Matimong, uncle Frank.

Frank senior is recorded a as portmanteau and trunk  maker and had his own business in Archer Street London in which his wife working with him in the business, it’s just a short distance from Piccadilly.

Later Frank Marchant Matimong married Olive Faulkner in 1932, in 1938 their only child was born, Frank Nigel Matimong, known as Nigel.

Sometime after that he left Olive for Phyllis Joan Webb, known as our Aunty Joan, our fathers sister, I believe Frank and Joan met when both working on the buses, they had two children together Joan Margaret and Richard, although not married Joan took the name Matimong and raised her children the same, much the same as did her mother, Annie Georgina Walsh, who raised her children as Webb’s.

Frank was a good piano player and I remember going to a pub called the Horse and Groom in Hanworth, Middlesex, near where he lived with Joan and listening to him playing. I did not know him well but I recall him as an affable happy man with a good sense of humour and a ready smile often seen puffing away on a pipe.

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