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Web site created by David Webb with support from my sisters Anne, Geraldine and Julia.

Walsh family.
The Walsh tree starts with William James Walsh senior born in Aghada Cork in Ireland in around 1800 and his wife Elllen Eliza also born there in around 1814. So far I have not had not access the records in Ireland. The first we find them both in England is the 1861 census when they are married living at 63 Brent Town Faversham in Kent. By this time they had three daughters, later followed by thee sons.

In the 1851 census Maurice is down in the census with his second name John.

We follow William James through the census until he dies in 1892, seven years after his wife who died in 1885. They are buried together in a cemetery on the Isle of Sheppey in a family plot that also contains the grave of his daughter in law Annie Dorrington who died in the same year 1892. Additionally in the plot are Annie's and Maurice's two babies who died at 1 day and 5 days old, Vincent 1885 and died at one day and a baby named Maurice died at 5 days. The next son born a year later, survived was also named Maurice (Thomas).

Maurice senior’s life, our great grandfather, can be traced in England through to the census of 1911 which was just before he left for Canada. Three of his 4 sons had previously gone, William jnr, Charles and Maurice jnr.

By this time the youngest Gerald was in the Royal Navy at Chatham, he would later jump ship at Nova Scotia and join his father and three brothers in Canada. The brothers all signed up for WW1, joining Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, William dying in battle in 1915.  The surviving  two older brothers all lived and died in Canada, the youngest Gerald returned to the UK we believe for health reasons in 1927, the Canadian climate was not suiting him. He died in the UK in 1951 aged 61 having been born in Canada.

Webb family.

The Webb family can be traced back a bit further as they were predominantly, or as far back as I have traced, English to 1650’s. Although our Grandfather David Webb was born in Wales it was to English parents.

Our Great Grandfather Francis D Webb was born in Witley but later when married they lived in London, see the census for more. They finally moved to Alton in Surrey.

With his wife Catherine Augustus Wade Dalton he had three children, David our grandfather and then two daughters, Mary and Rhoda.It does not appear that Rhoda married, Mary married Douglas F Glennie and they had at least one child, Rosemary whilst living in London.

It was here my initial problems with tracking grandfather down began. Eventually I found in 1908 he married Dorothy Anna Maria Stephens from Leicester.

Between 1913 and 1917 he had two children with my nan Annie Georgina Walsh, she took his name but almost certainly does not appear to have married him.

Dorothy A M Webb divorced grandfather David in 1914, or at least then was when is was finalised, nan is cited as “the other woman” in the divorce papers.

In 1927 Captain David Webb married Marjorie Bruce Barmby, who was born in San Francisco USA.

When his first wife died in 1957 written down on the death certificate was “widow of Retired Captain David Webb”. This is a surprise as by then they had been divorced for many years.

When David Webb died in 1940 his death was registered by his “widow”, Marjorie B Webb. Even then he had to keep the mystery going, it took a long time so sort out, the initial date of death was in error, so age did not match, By a stroke of luck and gut feel I ordered a death certificate and there written on the margin, signed by the registrar a correction to the date / year of birth, it was the right man.

Sometimes with Ancestry research you need some luck.

One of my favourite pictures of my mum Peggy Warwick Webb nee Hill saying her prayers. I now understand it was an entry in a post war competition and came in 2nd.

Annie Georgina Walsh

Alice Mary Colchester Hill nee Warwick sitting in a car in Nairobi where two of her daughters are believed to have been born.

Our father David Webb in war time ambulance drivers uniform.

Family Information

Hill family.
Most research on the Hills has been completed by John and Maggie Petch, John being one of Albert Justus Hill or Clem, grandsons.

We do know that grandpa, Clem Hill was a talented engineer, first working at Napier enginerring and then becoming a pilot and aero engineer.

He as an early member of the Air Flying Corp or RAF as it eventually became, where he befriended Lord Trenchard who has been described as the Father of the Royal Air Force.

Clem went to South Africa to work for while taking his fledgling family with him, of the 13 children born it is believed two were born in Kenya.

He worked in the air ministry for a while, in the inspectorate.

He was reputed to have a good baritone singing voice, Grandma Hill was musical and could play the piano.

During her young life she was both an artists model and dancing girl.

Albert Justus Hill and Alice Mary Colchester Warwick had 13 children, first born was Norman Warwick, the second born, Edgar, who was either still born or died at birth, however grandma Hill went onto to produce another 11 children. It was alleged that after the death of the second born, Edgar, grandma Hill was told it was unlikely she would have any more children, 11 followed.


Warwick  family.
On this site we have gone back to William Warwick, born 1834 in Gateshead, Durham and his wife, Hannah Douglas Smith. They had 13 children, the second born was Henry Smith Warwick. After a range of what one may call, “normal” names for the period, the last born was unusually called Septimus, one wonders if there was a sense of irony or humour in this as he was born seven years after his last sibling and of course in Latin this is used for seven or seventh.

Henry was destined to become father to Alice Mary Colchester Warwick, our grand mother.

In 1881  in Tynemouth Northumberland Henry married married Mary Eleanor Bolton. They had two sons together Robert and William Warwick. In 1888 at the young age of 30 and after just 7 years of marriage Mary died.

A year later, 1889, Henry married Elizabeth Day in Kensington London, she was a year older than him. The Smith / Warwick family by then had more or less all moved down to London and by all accounts owned a foundry.

Henry appears to have had a fall out with his partner and the business was wound up.

Henry went on to have four children with Elizabeth Day.

First born was Grandma Hill, or Alice Mary Colchester Warwick as she was then. Two brothers and a sister followed, the sister being the last born.

Sadly we know that aged just 19 years old Alices sister died, that was 1915.

Then between 1918 and 1919 her two brothers died in WW1 then in 1920 her father died in Egypt whilst managing the Egyptian railway, he was 64 years old.

Do not currently have a date for the death of Grandma Hills two step brothers or her mother Elizabeth Day.

Elizabeth was born to Thomas Day of Holborn Middlesex and Elizabeth Colchester of Suffolk. They had six children, Elizabeth, grandma Hills mother, being the third born, 1855 in St Pancras London. It is this side of the family where the name Benjamin Raffles was discovered to come from. The family a this time was mostly from Needham Market Suffolk.

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