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Louisa Walsh nee Clements

Married Gerald Walsh 1916 Canada

Born Chilton Candover Hants 1889

Died 1961 Winchester

If you go to the census pages you will find I have traced Willliam, Lousa Clements father, back to 1861 through to 1881, by 1891 Louisa is born and Louisa appears in the 1891 census, we find her down as one year old and living with her parents, William and Mary, her fathers profession is down as a farm labourer and they are living in Chilton Candover, near Alresford, East Hampshire.

Her father is down as being born in Waltham, Hants and Mary, her mother, is down as being born in Chilton Candover.

William married her mother Mary Ann Burgess in Alresford 1888.

By the time of the next census in 1901 they are still living in Chilton Candover, Louisa is now 11 and has a brother William aged 10 years, sister Annie 8, brother Charles 6, Daisy 2, they also have a boarder William Merritt, both William the father and boarder are down as “Carters on a farm” .

By the 1911 census, we find Louisa working as a housemaid domestic at Apsley House, Hurstbourne Priors, Whitchurch, the owner is down as retired Colonel Edward V D Pearse.  Initially there was no inkling of how she met Gerald Walsh, who lived in Sheppey, Kent and was in the Navy, but within 5 years they marry in Canada. However we have been informed that it is likely that Gerald met Louisa when he was either ill or injured in WW1, it looks highly probably that  Louisa was involved in nursing Gerald, they fell in love and when Gerald went back to Canada Louisa followed closely behind him.

On the 4th May 1916 we find her on board a ship leaving Liverpool and heading for Quebec, Montreal, for someone who appears to have spent her life so far in a small part of Hampshire it must have been quite an adventure.

Then within days of arriving in Canada on the 23rd May 1916 she marries Gerald Walsh, quite amazing in such a short space of time so one assumes they did appear to know each other in the UK and the nursing story looks most likely.

From that we know they had two sons born in Canada, Gerald born 4th August 1917, Kenneth who lives near Andover and finally Maurice born in Eastleigh, Hants on the 28th September 1928, he died in Worksop, Notts in January 2001.

William Clements  Born 1860  North Waltham, Hants

Married Arlesford, Hampshire, 4th quarter 1888

** Birth record shows this spelling, marriage record shows Burgess

William Clements  Born 1891 Chilton Candover, Hants Annie Clements  Born 1893 Chilton Candover, Hants Charles Clements  Born 1895 Chilton Candover, Hants Daisy Clements  Born 1899 North Waltham, Hants

Married 23rd May 1916

Moosejaw Canada