Ancestry Webb, Walsh, Hill, Warwick

Web site created by David Webb with support from my sisters Anne, Geraldine and Julia.

David Webb

Born Whitstable Kent 19th Feb 1913

Died August 2003

David Webb, was born February 1913 in Springfield, Manor Road, Whitstable in Kent, his mother Annie Georgina Webb (nee Walsh) was born on the Isle of Sheppey, please see her page for more.

On his birth cetificate his father is down as David Webb retiered Officer Welsh Regiment.

David Webb wrote a 122 page document about his life which can be loaned from family members.

Very early on his life he broke his arm, sadly it was not treated correctly and he spent many, many months having the arm re-broken and he details a very unpleasant time in his life when he was given some very painful treatment, it left him with an arm that could not be straightened and had a lot of scarring which he was very conscious of.

It did not stop him becoming a champion rifle shot and excellent shooting coach and captain of one of the top rifle clubs in England at the time, Twickenham, Middlesex, was Northern Ireland shooting team captain and champion.

He married Peggy Warwick Hill in 1937 and they were together until her death in 1989.

They had five children in total me being the last born, see family tree below.

Dad died in 2003 aged 90, approaching his 91st, still very mentally strong and still retaining his sense of humour right up to the last.

The saddest thing is he always wanted to know his father whom he believed died in 1918, however the truth appears to be he died in 1940 when dad was 27 years old. He would have been very proud though of his grandfather Maurice Walsh and the Webb side military history.

David John Webb

Born 1913 Whitstable Kent

Died August 2003 Middx

Anne P Webb

Born 1938 Middx

Peggy Warwick Hill

Born 14th December 1917

Died 15th December 1989

Brentford Middx.

Valerie Webb

Born 1940 Middx

Geraldine G Webb

Born 1942 Middx

Julia P C Webb

Born 1944 Middx

David J Webb

Born 1950 Middx

Moira Joan Butcher

Born 1954 Hampton Court

Geoffrey L Rose

Born 1936 Surrey NE.

Keith Clement Irwin

Born 1942 Staines Middx.

Died 17th April 1991 Westminster London

Allan W Davy

Born 10th Oct 1936 Brentford

Died March 1996 Fulham, London

Brian M Evans

Born October 26th 1940 Brentford

Married 1956  Middlesex

Married 1968  Richmond

Married 1978  Richmond

Married 1965 Middlesex

Married 1960  Richmond

Married 1937 Middlesex