Ancestry Webb, Walsh, Hill, Warwick

Web site created by David Webb with support from my sisters Anne, Geraldine and Julia.

Phyllis Joan Webb

Born Richmond Surrey July 14th 1917

Died 1st July 2011 Alderney CI.

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A few photos taken of my Aunt on the beach when she visited me near Lyme Regis and on various visits to our Aunt.

First photo was taken during a visit with my three sisters, Anne, Geraldine and Julia. Then we went out shopping, away from my sisters I said sit between them and look cheesed off, she really was great with facial expressions. The shot outside Age Concern was the same day but they had not realised how I had lined them up or that I had included the sign! For the beach shot, Aunty Joan had come to visit with my sister Anne, I was trying to get a picture showing the loneliness of a winters beach, she did no more than sit in a deck chair and told me where to take the photo from and she was correct. The Abbot or old man painting is one of my favourites of hers. She was a very talented artist, amongst many other things, a quick wit, a good human being.

Struggled for a while to track down the Webb family, they say about the “devil is in the detail”, well it was. On my fathers birth certificate, Joan’s brother, his father is down as David Webb, Retired Captain Welsh Regiment.

On Aunty Joan’s certificate it shows father down as David Webb, then Private Welsh Fusiliers. So had we spotted that earlier it may have helped, he was though a private in the Grenadier Guards not the Welsh Fusiliers.

Dad birth certificate click here.   Aunty Joan’s birth certificate click here.