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Geraldine Webb

B 1942 Twickenham Middlesex

Geraldine married Keith Clement Irwin in 1965, they had five children, sadly the first born died in infancy

Four more children followed, all now with children of their own, Keith died from cancer aged just 49 years of age. He was one of those people who made everyone make you feel if so he was your best friend, he just had that way about him and besides of course his family his was missed by many people.

Before starting his own business he had worked as a car mechanic at Jobs dairy in Hanworth, the building noted as it had a number of large model cows on the main roof.  From there he worled for a garage Meadows motors owned by Johnny Meadows, here he refined his skills on cars.

After this he started up his own garage business in Hanworth, opposite the Bear Pub, now demolished, Keith repaired a wide range of vehicles and he was considered and was an excellent auto engineer, he spent many an hour helping me with my various cars and also gave me driving lessons in a dark blue Triumph Herald convertible for which I was always very grateful. He was a good friend as well as my brother in law, always willing to help and nothing ever seemed too much trouble, as I said he made everyone he was close to feel special, another best friend. Besides cars he turned his hand to many other things, plumbing, building a kitchen, conservatory, he had a knack for DIY and could turn his hand to almost anything. He had a great sense of humour, my greatest endearing and saddest memory is the two of preparing his house in Tachbrook road, Feltham, preparing it for the family to move into, knocking down walls, re structuring, we both worked long hours, we seemed to spent a lot of time laughing, the most silly of things kicked us both off into a fit of the giggles, something we were both prone to, however we worked long and hard and got the job done despite the continuous fits of laughter.

As for my sister Geraldine, I have decided to let her family write something more, be better if each sister had a piece written by their children. When I was young there was an 8 year age gap, Geraldine married when I was only 15 years old, however I was very close to her and my other three sisters, we got on very well and I would have described us at one time as a very close family, amongst most of us we still are.

As mentioned in Julia’s section I am very grateful to Geraldine and Keith when they supported me in 1970 when I was having a few problems with my girlfriend and the birth of my son Stuart during this time the details of which most people will know. They both let her stay with them at various stages of her pregnancy carrying David John Roberts, to be later known as Stuart. At the time being young I did not appreciate it as much as I should have done, it was a difficult time especially for myself and his mother Jane.

Keith Clement Irwin

Born 1942 Staines Middx.

Died 17th April 1991 Westminster London

Marcus Irwin

Geraldine G Webb

B 1942

Justine Irwin

Christian Irwin

Gabrielle Irwin

Lorraine Brough

Chandra Peterson

Kenny Bennett


Justin K Irwin

Died in Infancy

B 1965 Hounslow

D June 1965 Hounslow

Married January 16th 1965

Married 31st July 1999


Isabella Bennett

B 2003

Oliver  Bennett

B 1999

Jacob Bennett

B 1997

Darren Grahame-Betts

B 1971 Manchester

Not Married

Luke Warwick Grahame-Betts

B 1989 Ashford Middx.