Ancestry Webb, Walsh, Hill, Warwick

Web site created by David Webb with support from my sisters Anne, Geraldine and Julia.

Julia P C Webb

B 1944 Twickenham Middlesex

Very difficult to talk about one sister when you have four, my sisters are all older than me, Julia being the nearest in age, by the time I was old enough to maybe sit and talk to them they were married and have left home so my relationship with them never really developed until later on when I became very close, were regular visitors to each others houses.


When I was  twenty in 1970 and got into some difficulties with a relationship with my girlfriend and the birth of my son Stuart at that time Geraldine and Julia supported me in ways I suppose I never really fully appreciated until later on, my sister Anne was also there for me but I mention Geraldine and Julia because they were able to offer me some very direct support for which I will always be grateful.

However I know that should I ever be in any sort of difficulty Anne, Geraldine and Julia would be there for me, sadly my sister Valerie and I not longer speak or see one another which is very sad.

It would also be remiss though to mention Brian and Keith, the husbands of the two sisters without their support it could  not have happened.

Brian M Evans

Born October 26th 1940 Brentford

Tobias Brian Evans

B 1970 Surrey North Western

Julia P C Webb

Born 1944 Middx

Benjamin Edward Evans

B 1972 Surrey North Western

Nathaniel Evans

B 1975 Surrey

Emeline Joanna Durrant

B 1975 Surrey North Western

Caroline A Jones

B 1974 Hampshire

Married  May 1999 Basingstoke

Not Married

Lorna Bailey

George Nathaniel Bailey-Evans

B 2010

Married 2003 Bracknell Forest

India Grace Evans

B Feb 2001 West Surrey

Amelia Caroline Evans

B October 2002 West Surrey

Isla Evans

B 2009

Married 1968  Richmond

Mia Jade Evans

B 2001 West Surrey

Charlie Benjamin Evans

B 2004 West Surrey

Henry Evans

B 2010

James Evans

Born 1863 Middlesex

Mary Ann Lovejoy

Born 1863 Middlesex

Edward Alfred Evans

Born 1901 Twickenham Middlesex

Edith E Higgs

Born 1944 Middx

Married 1921 Brentford

Ethel May Evans

B 22nd Feb 1930 Brentford Middlesex

Edith A M Evans

B 1922 Brentford Middlesex

Married 10th October 1886 Holy Trinity Twickenham

George Evans

B abt 1837 Mapledurham


Jane Evans

B abt 1835 Hurst Berkshire

Christine Sanderson

B 1944 Brentford

Married 1964 Middlesex

Edward Arthur Evans

B 1923 Brentford

Reginald C Evans

B 1934 Brentford