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Peggy Warwick Hill

Born 14th December 1917 Kensington London

Died 15th December 1989 Ashford Hospital

My mum, our mum, born in Kensington was the fourth born to Albert Justice Hill and Alice Mary Colchester Warwick.

First born was Norman Warwick Hill 1913, followed by Edgar W 1914 who was either still born or died soon after birth, then Moya Warwick 1916 then Peggy Warwick 1917 followed by Beryl Florence 1919. Then Barbara and Joan 1920, Molly 1923, Iris 1925, Sylvia 1926, Mavis 1930, Clive 1932 and last Patricia 1933.

She always said they moved around a fair bit when they were children, there was to become 12 of them surviving to become adults. Mum always said they always had debts and moved sometimes to avoid the tally man, grandpa Hill had  good job but with 12 young mouths to feed I guess he struggled to keep up.

All mums are great and she was no exception, she worked what she called part time, 10 til 5, still had time to do all the housework, the cooking, the shopping, washing, washing up rarely asking for help and yet she was also a chronic asthmatic, a weakness that was almost certainly a contributor to her fairly premature death.

She was a very attractive woman with a heart of gold and yet did not suffer fools gladly, she was very perceptive and if mum ever said something about a stranger persona after meeting them for the first time she was invariably correct.

Mum was also a very honest woman, so when she told you something you instinctively believed her. I recall I had been out to the clubs and pubs in Chelsea, it was around mid week, it was about 2 or 3 am in the morning and my mum was out of bed, I asked if she was waiting up for me, she said no, something was wrong, something had happened to her sister Beryl. So we sat and talked for a while, it must have been in 1971 when I was 21 years old. Anyhow the next morning there was a call, not sure is someone phoned or called over but in the early hours of the morning Beryl had lost her fight with cancer, of course she had ben ill and for all I know our mum may have woken up at other times during Beryls illness, but she always said no she just knew that that something serious had happened that night, a similar thing happened when her mother died and from what she said these were not isolated occurrences.

You can call it what you like but to me she did had a sort of sixth sense, an aurora about her at times, maybe it was because she was just our mum.

Everyone loved out mum, it was hard at times and I used to get quite jealous but for my mum there was only my dad and the five of us.

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