Ancestry Webb, Walsh, Hill, Warwick

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Millicent Beatrice Day

Born 1863

Ann Mary Day

Born 1846

Emily Jemima Day

Born 1859

Elizabeth Colchester Born 1820

Needham Market Suffolk

Married 6th July 1844 St Pancras London

Alice Day

Born 1852

John Day


Married Kensington London 1889

Robert S Kirby

Alfred Hesthfield Jones

Married Kensington London 1888 Married Boston Lincs 1846

Thomas Day

Born 1813

Holborn Middlesex

Harry M Carbery

B 1864

Elizabeth Day

Born 1855

St Pancras London

Mother to Alice Colchester Warwick, Grandma Hill

Benjamin Raffell Colchester

Ann Day

William Markham Colchester

Bap 7th Jan 1818

Married 6th July 1844 St Pancras London Double wedding brother and sister marry sister and brother

John Day

Elizabeth Thompson

Married 30th June 1814