Ancestry Webb, Walsh, Hill, Warwick

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SIXTY years ago Miss Alice Warwick. was one of a number of young ladies attending an exclusive finishing school in York.  She had only recently been sent there from Egypt by her father, who was manager of the Egyptian State Railways.

At 18, she was impatient of the disciplines of school life and wanted to make her own way in the world.

So one night she stole over the wall with a spirited friend and went to London.

Much against her family  wishes. Alice, who now lives  in Windsor, toured the agencies and landed herself a job as a chorus girl, as a showgirl, as they were known then.

There followed several jobs in different London shows.

In a modest way Alice (who by then had changed her name to Betty) was a success.

lt was not only on the stage that Betty made her mark. Her good looks placed her in great

demand with famous artists of the time, and her face appeared on several of the fashionable magazines, including Sphere, Tatler, Punch and Vanity Fair.

And then she fell in love with a young baritone she heard singing at the theatre where her act was playing. Clem Hill, her future husband, was. later  to make his name as a major in the Royal Flying Corps, but at that time he was putting his musical talent to use –“and  making a lot of money."

After they were married, Mrs. Alice Hill settled down to the usual domestic chores, but for the first few years carried on modelling. This had to stop after the birth of their first few children (there were eventually 12).

Later in their married life, the Hills were able to pick up the threads of their musical life when she accompanied his singing at Masonic concerts, a regular entertainment feature of the time.

Now, at 78, Alice Hill lives with her husband and their memories in a flat above Warwicks dry cleaners in St. Leonards Road, looking happily back on the life they have led.