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Clive Hill

B 26th June 1932 Brentford Middx.

D September 18th 2012 Sussex.

Clive Hill was the second to last child born to the family, in between his mother had give birth first to a son, Norman and then a run of 10 daughters before Clive arrived to be followed by the last born, Patricia.

I know my mum was very fond of her only younger brother and his wife Jean, she would have been 16 years old when he was born and along with Aunty Patricia looked after her and Clive almost like her own children.

Of course she loved all her brothers and sisters, never spoke ill of any of them to me, but I guess being a lot Older the last two born she had a particular place for both of them.

As for me, what I remember of Clive is a man although not always leter in life having the best of health but always had a ready smile, greeted you with a hug and welcome, trim and dapper, always looked smart, that is my memory.


Clive served several years in the RAF and married Jean Lunn in 1956, they had two daughters, Karen and Debra.

Now  awaiting further input on the Nickless and Lunn, Jean and Clive.

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