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Moya Warwick Hill, Born 1st June 1916.

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Moya Warwick Hill was the first daughter of 10 to be born to Alice and Clem, she had a difficult time, as the eldest along with her sister Peggy they were often left to be responsible for their younger siblings. Between around 1920 and 1923 they lived in Nairobi, Kenya where the next two sisters, Joan and Barbara were born.

Moya was very much a free spirit, I can only ever remember seeing her with a ready smile and a warm welcome, she became very friendly with my dads sister Joan Matimong Nee Webb.

Moya had 6 children in total, five with her husband John Henry Petch and a daughter Gillian with an Italian Prisoner of War, they met whilst Moya was working at a hospital and he was working as a POW gardener, her husband John had been away for many years fighting in the war, Moya had two boys to raise and one would understand became very lonely. During this period of the war communication was also often difficult so from month to month people would not know if loved ones were still alive or had died in battle. Would have been very very difficult times for both husbands and wifes.

Moya had a daughter during the war who was immediately adopted and later moved to Australia. Jill (Gillian) has in the last year been reunited with her English brothers and sisters, to the delight of the family.

The current Petch family are now in regular contact their half sister and I believe one of the Australian side stayed with the Petch family during a visit in 2014.