Ancestry Webb, Walsh, Hill, Warwick

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William Ernest Wells

B abt 1872 Bishops Canning Wilts.

D Sept 1947 Windsor Berks.

Marriage not found so far about 1834

James Fishlock

Mary Ann Fishlock

B abt 1838

Marriage 25th December 1901

Wandsworth London

William Alfred Wells

B 6th Oct 1907 Clewer Without, Windsor

D Aug 1984 Slough Berks

Edwin E Wells

B 1906 Clewer Without Windsor

D March 1933 Windsor Berks.

Ernest George Wells

B 13th April 1910 Clewer Without Windsor.

D 1973 Windsor

Eliza Merritt

B abt 1871 Bishops Canning, Wilts.

Ernest William Fountain

B 23rd April 1911 Hertford, Herts.

D Feb 1986 Windsor Berks.

Mary Violet White

B 7th March 1907 Holborn London

D Dec 1981 Windsor


Marriage 1928 Windsor Berks

Edwin E D Wells (Doug)

B 19th March 1928 Eton Berks.

D 28th November 1975 Windsor Berks.

Sylvia J W Hill

B 20th June 1926 Chertsey Surrey

D 23rdOctober 2013 Bucks.

Marriage 1951 Windsor Berks.

Silas Merr/i/ett

Robert W Wells

B 1956 Windsor Berks.

Mother Gertrude Emma

B 1883 Hertford Herts.

Father William George Fountain B 18th January 1882 Walton on Thames.

His father (William’s) was George Fountain and mother Elizabeth Mary.

Ann Amber

Joseph Wells

B abt 1818 Stanton Wilts.

 2nd Marriage 1941 Windsor Berks

Leslie Edwin Wells (Ted)

B 1933 Windsor Berks

Philip J Wells

B 11th January1929 Eton Bucks.

D 17th Feb 2017

Bexley St.

Ronald E Fountain

B 1942 Windsor Berks.

Mary Isabel Wells

B abt 1903 Clewer Without, Windsor Berks

D March 1940 TBC

Marriage 21st July 1860

Bishops Canning Wilts

Marriage 26th December 1831 Bishops Canning Wilts

Marriage 23rd October 1869 Bishops Canning Wilts

Elizabeth Hiscock

B abt 1820 Stanton Wilts.

D 1888 Southampton


Ellen Wells

B abt 1842 Stanton Wilts.

Henry Edwin Wells

B abt 1849 Stanton St Bernard Wilts.

D March 1925

Devizes Wilts.

Mary Anne Hillier

B 1849 Bishops Canning Wilts

D June 1919 Devizes Wilts

Marriage 1839 Devizes Wilts

David H Fountain

B Dec 1943 Windsor Berks.

Alfred Wells

B abt 1876 Bishops Canning Wilts.

Sarah Ellen Wells

B abt 1878 Bishops Canning Wilts.

Minnie Elizabeth Wells

B abt 1871 Bishops Canning Wilts.

Jesse Wells

B abt 1881 Bishops Canning Wilts.

Sidney A Wells

B abt 1853 Stanton Wilts.

Believe Joseph either left or died, it is difficult to say for sure however a Joseph Wells died in 1858 in the area but without a death certificate and even that does not guarantee a result, there is no way to be sure it’s him. The end result was by the 1861 census Elizabeth is living with a Job Brown, Innkeeper to the Rose and Crown pub, Woodborough, Stanton St. Bernard, Wilts. She is down as a housekeeper, with her are Henry Edwin Wells and Sidney A Wells, I believe Ellen maybe by then a “Maid of all work” at a placed called Salford house. (To Be Confirmed)

Sadly the pub has gone now section from British history archives :

The village smithy and the Rose and Crown stood there. (fn. 15) In the later 18th century it was the custom to adjourn the biennial meeting of Swanborough hundred court at Swanborough Tump to the Rose and Crown. After the railway was built, however, a new section of the Avebury-Amesbury road was made east of Little Woodborough and the settlement there declined. The Rose and Crown had become a temperance hotel by 1915 and was demolished soon afterwards.

Simon Merrett

B abt 1797 Bishops Canning Wilts.

D 1873 Devizes Wilts.

Elizabeth Hood

B abt 1795 Bishops Canning Wilts.

Marriage 21st April 1817 Bishops Canning Wilts

John Hood

Betty Hood

Beryl Florence Hill

B 24th April 1919

D 1971 Windsor

Married 1950 Windsor Berks

Second marriage

Molly E Hunt

B 1930

D 1971 Windsor

Mothers maiden name Lambert

Married 1955 Windsor Berks

Michael Wells

B 1954 Windsor Berks.

Carol A Wells

B 1950 Windsor Berks

Married Richard C M  Fletcher 1970.