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Beryl Florence Hill

Born 24th April 1919, died 1971 Windsor.

Beryl was the fifth child born to Albert and Alice, she owned and I believe started up her own dry cleaning business Warwick cleaners with shops opened in various towns around Surrey and Middlesex.

In 1940 she married Ronald E Dart, Ronnie, they started and ran the business together before the marriage broke up and they divorced, they had no children. Ronnie died in Jan 2006 recorded in Worcester (TBC).

At one time Grandma and Grandpa Hill lived above on of the shops and for a while Grandpa Hill worked.

In 1955, Windsor Berks Beryl married Leslie Edwin Wells, known as Ted, brother to Doug Wells, married to Beryl’s sister Sylvia Hill. Beryl and Ted remained married until her death in 1971 from cancer, they had no children.

I recall Beryl and Ronnie having a beautiful house in  Egham, I used to love visiting it, very modern, they used plan emulsioned walls with pictures to break things up. This was a time when wallpaper was still in vogue but they bucked the trend using plain pastel colours combined with bright furnishings and wall fixings.