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Joan Warwick (Constance) Hill

Born 20th October 1920, Nairobi, Kenya. Died 2020

Joan Constance Hill was the 6th of child to be born, the first outside the UK in Nairobi on the 20th October 1920.

The birth was registered on the 3rd December 1920

In 1944 she married Charles E Reeman, they had two sons, Barry E Reeman born in 1948 and Terence C Reeman born in 1951. Considering she lived in Twickenham not far away I did not really see a great deal of my Aunty Joan or her sons so my recollection of her in the past is fairly distant, do recall her being like the rest of the Hill girls and boys a cheery soul with a ready smile. Now later in life I have seen her more often and I find her just the same, despite being over 93 she still has a warmth about her and makes the most of what life has for her.

The main reason for the lack of visits was not any issue between the families just my father by then had go very involved with target shooting and every weekend was lost to his new passion, most weekdays as well.

Joan’s beloved Charlie was born 25th April 1913 and died in 2003 registered place of death was Brentford Middlesex.