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Barbara Joyce Hill

Born 28th January 1922, Nairobi.

After a long time trying I finally managed to get a record of Barbara’s birth.

The Nairobi register has her birth down as the 28th January 1922, registered on the 6th April 1922.

Fortunately her birth date and her husband’s Cyril however were recorded on the ships log when they left for Australia and this was used to back track to Nairobi.

In 1941 in Surrey North Eastern Barbara married Cyril Wallington, known as Wally, he was born on 10th January 1921.

On the 19th January 1955 we find them bound for Melbourne, Australia where they emigrated and spent the rest of their lives, Wally is down on the ships log as a tool setter and Barbara a housewife.

Their last known UK address was 128a, Kew Road, Richmond.