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Hannah Douglass Smith

Born 29th May 1835 Gateshead Durham.

Died 1915 Brentford London.

There is the potential, as always, for confusion, at first I thoughy Hannah Douglas Smith, born in 1833 was the wife of William Warwick.

However the data shows that most likely Henry Grant Smith and Jane Margaret Robson had a daughter in 1833, Hannah Douglas Smith.

Sadly within a year Hannah died, a year later Henry and Jane had another daughter, they again called her Hannah Douglass Smith with the addition of an extra “s”, she was born a year later after the death of her sister in 1835. Although in some census she does become Douglas with one the one “s” at the time of her marriage to William Warwick the name was recorded as Douglass.

She was the daughter I believe of Henry Grant Smith and Jane Margaret Robson and they married in Gateshead, Durham on the 18th April 1854.