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John Warwick

Born 25th December 1740 Baptised 30th January 1741

Died Buried 28th April 1812 Rothwell Holy Trinity

Going back this far without firm paper records is a leap of faith, however I think it the case of the Warwick line there is very strong evidence that this is the family line. John Warwick was the son of William Warwick, Leeds Rothwell is only about 12 miles to Sandal Magna where I believe the family moved. Several generations then lived in that area until eventually moving to Gateshead and later London. The names all match pretty well perfectly, most of this based on the 1841 and 1851 census which helps with other family member names.

On the evidence I have found I believe his father William was born on the 19th June 1709, was baptised on the 7th July 1709 at Leeds, St Peter, Yorkshire. His father being a William Warwick there was at least one daughter Grace Warwick born 8th November 1711 and bapstised 2nd December 1711 again Leeds, St Peter.

In the records it recalls William Warwick or Keighley as being born on the 24th April 1681 and baptised 25th April 1681, again Saint Peter, Leeds, his father being Thomas Warwick and his mother Deborah Keighley.

All this is based on the circumstantial evidence, to prove it all would require birth certificates ETC and more research, in the meantime with the information I have I believe this to be a fair reflection of the Warwick family tree.