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Gillian Mary Petch (Jill)

Born 29th June 1945

Became know as Gillian Krause and later Gillian Lynne Ford

Gillian Mary Petch was conceived and born to Moya Petch whilst her husband was in the army in North Africa. In those days months or more could go by without contact, people often never knew how or where there partners were or if still alive,

Many women met with American GI’s, POW’s and the like and had brief flings, I guess it’s hard to understand in todays world but with the stress of Luftwaffe bombings of military and of course civilian targets, loved ones away and never knowing if they were dead or alive. Hearing of the deaths in families and friends it would have been an extremely stressful time for people away and at home,.

At times like this people do things that are out of character.

Moya had a brief relationship with an Italian Prisoner of War, he worked at the same hospital Moya worked at, apparently according to letters written Ferdinand found  Moya, whom he would walk home with a friend, a fascinating girl, Moya got pregnant. At the time Moya was living with her in laws, so it was a very difficult time, however despite her lapse her in laws and other members of the family, including my own mother Peggy Warwick Hill (Webb) she managed to get through it.

Moya’s husband John was about as understanding as he could be, he said as long as the child, Gillian, had gone before his return from the war he would forgive Moya her transgression, so that’s what happened.

Waiting for it to be confirmed by Gillian’s family, now all residing in Australia, but I believe she may have been Phyllis Hilda Compton and she married William G Krause in the third quarter of 1944, this is to be confirmed.