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Norman W Hill

Born 18th December 1913 Marylebone London.

Died October 2004 Gloucester, Glos.

Norman, the first born in the Hill family to Alice and Albert Hill had the benefit of a private education provided by a benefactor, Lord Egerton of Tatton Hall. Sometime between April 1919, when Beryl Hill was born in the UK and 1920 when Joan Hill was born in Nairobi, Grandma Hill went to live in Kenya where grandpa Hill was working.

Although we have not found a record so far of the rest of the Hills returning, we can be fairly certain from a ships log that Norman, aged just 8, returned to the UK under the guardianship of Lord Tatton, it is not clear why.

We do know that the Hills or at least Grandma Alicce Hill was back in England by October 1923 and the next born Mollie Joyce Hill was born then in Lambeth, London.

Norman married Violet  Frances Cotton, born in Camberwell London in first quarter 1920, her mothers maiden name was Davis.they married in 1940, had two girls born in UK, Maureen Warwick Hill born 1st March 1942 (TBC) Surrey North Eastern and Jean Warwick Hill born June 1944 Surrey North Eastern.

On the  18th July 1951 we find them returning from South Africa on the Dunnottar Castle with the family, no record was found of them leaving.

The family then leave the UK again for Mozambique on the 6th October 1951 en route to Rhodesia, Norman is down as a surveyor and when they left the UK their last address is down as 18, Boxtree Road, Harrow Weald, London.

As far as we know once he got married and moved to South Africa he had little or no contact with the family.

Even on his return from South Africa where he worked for a number of years to live in Gloucester he made no contact at all with his parents or apparently any of his 11 brothers and sisters.