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Bridget Phyllis Gilbert Born 1946 Carshalton

Bridget Phyllis Gilbert was the second daughter born to Mollie Joyce Hill in 1946.

Her father Geoffrey Henry J Gilbert was the son of Albert Stephen Gilbert 1895–1983

Florence Mary L Fitzpatrick 1895–1937, Geoffrey was born on 14th October 1917 and died in Devon in 1998.


Geoffrey was writer and television producer.   He started his career on a programme called The Sunday Break then went on  to produce Another Man's Farm   before moving into Drama with his main claim to fame being the first  Van de Valk series  in 1972.  This was followed by a spell as Programme Controller in Northern Ireland  and some  years with Harlech television.


Bridget or Bee had her first job in the entertainment industry in Stratford on Avon at the age of 17, working in the costume department. Whilst there she met Ian Holm and subsequently had two children with him, Melissa and Barnaby.  She went on to become a photographer, film writer and producer.

Background on Ian Holm.

Ian Holm Cuthbert was born on 12 September 1931 in a psychiatric hospital in Goodmayes, Essex, where his father, a psychiatrist and a pioneer of electric shock treatment, was the superintendent. His mother was a nurse.

Ian died in London 19th June 2020 at the age of 88.


Because of Covid the memorial to Ian did not take place until 12th September 2021.


Many people paid such fabulous tributes - with Judi Dench, Michael Sheen, Trevor Nunn, Stanley Tucci  and various  other directors and actors coming up with such touching memories. . It was so moving as he was much loved by his peers  and all his children (and a couple of ex's!) were there.

Click HERE to see a PDF of the order of service from the memorial.



Later Bee met Andrew Birkin and had two children with him, Alexander Kingdom Nico Birkin known as Anno and Edmund Xavier Birkin, known as Ned.

Sadly Anno, a gifted writer and musician, died in a car accident in Milan, Italy, aged just 21.

After his death Bee and Andrew set up a charity in his name called Anno’s Africa, to help children in the developing world have access to the arts.  The charity counts  among its Trustees actors Hayley Mills and Allan Corduner and has many loyal patrons from the entertainment world including Benedict Cumberbatch, Samantha Morton, Joanna Lumley, Sarah Pascoe, Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Adrian Dunbar, Bruce Robinson, Richard E Grant, Ruby Wax and many more. These artists from the West continue to offer their support and help to the children in the various programmes.


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Bee with her cousin and web site creator David J Webb