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William James Walsh Senior

Born Ireland 1801 died Sheerness 1892 aged 91

William our great, great grandfather was born in Aghada, Cork,Ireland, in about 1801.

He married Ellen Eliza.

We also know from the census he had three daughters and four sons, Maurice at the time of the census is recorded as John, however all other references are Maurice John although he reverts to John again at times.

William was in the navy and was apparently one of the last survivors of the battle of Navarino, click on the word Navarino to find out more, further information can be found by going to the links page and selecting wikipedia entry as shown. He died in Sheerness, living just around the corner from his son Maurice and died in the same year as Annie Dorrington, Maurice’s wife, so Maurice lost his father and wife in the same year.

He was the last member of the family to be buried in the family plot on Sheppey.



Eliza Walsh

Born Isle of Wight 1836


Born Thurcast Hampshire 1838

William James

Born Milton Kent 1840

John (Maurice) Walsh

Born Rochester Kent 1846

George Thomas Walsh

Born Rochester Kent 1848

Frederick Henry Walsh

Born Rochester Kent 1851

1836 1838 1844 1846 1848

Our Great Grand father

Georgiana Maria

Born Rochester Kent 1844

1840 1851