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Annie Georgina Walsh

Born Sheerness 7th July 1884

died 12th November 1958

Annie appears to have met her future partner David Webb at the Bull Hotel in Wrotham, Sevenoaks in 1911. David is staying with his wife at that time, Dorothy Anna Maria Webb (nee Stephens).

From the divorce petition it states that soon after the stay at the hotel David Webb ex Officer Welsh regiment setup home with Annie Georgina Walsh.

Two years later in 1913 her first child, our father, David Webb is born, the birth certificate shows the name of the mother as Annie Georgina Webb, maiden name Walsh, however no record of them marrying has been found, they almost certainly never did. The father’s name is down as David Webb retired Captain in the Welsh Regiment. The place of residence and birth is down as Springfield, Manor road, Whitstable, the same address as the place of birth of his son.

Previously in the 1911 census where David Webb is staying with his wife, he has recorded his profession as late of his majesty's Welsh regiment.

Then in 1917 Phyllis Joan Webb is born, again David Webb as the father, interestingly this time as a private, see Captain David Webbs page for more information on how this may have happened.

No address for the father but nan, Annie, is down as St. Kilda, Hermitage road, Richmond.

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All this leaves a number of questions, we were told there was a family rift, could this have been it, certainly in a family where they were devout Catholics having two children with a married man would not have pleased her father, Maurice, he was by this time living in Canada with three of his sons where he had emigrated, cards sent to his grandson David Webb, our father, indicate a warmth towards his grandson so yet more questions. Of course it is possible he thought his daughter Annie was a happily married woman to David Webb and knew nothing of the most likely events in the England, that she was not married and does not appear to do so and yet Captain David Webb married  again to Marjorie Barmby in 1927.

Maurice her father, from what we are told, was a staunch Catholic and supporter of home rule for Ireland, Annie having an affair or marrying a British, non catholic still married army officer would have certainly been a severe blow but the cards sent from Canada would not inidcate any rift at his grandson level, in fact the opposite.


Whatever happened by 1913 Annie has her first child with David, David John Webb born in Springfield, Manor road, Whitstable, Kent,  in the district of Blean.

By 1916 they have moved to 100, Winchester road, St Margaret’s Twickenham, this was the registered address of her sister, now Ellen Bostridge, married to William H Bostridge a Captain in the Egyptian Labour Corps. We know because of a Christmas postcard sent to this address.

Margery and Brian Bostridge also lived at the same address, at this time it is believed William Bostridge, tha father lived abroad in Egypt, postcards mailed from Egypt support the fact that at least William was based out there.  One card sent to David Webb jnr is addressed to c/o “Mrs Bostridge” 100 Winchester road.

In 1917 another child Phyllis Joan Webb is born registered in Richmond Surrey, this time David Webb Private Welsh Fusiliers as father.

By 1923 they have moved to 5, Warrington Road, Richmond.

We know she had quite a hard life bringing up 2 children on her own, she took a variety of jobs from cleaning and domestic chores to plying the piano at the silent cinema, she could sing and play at least the violin and piano.

Our gran Annie Georgina died in 1958 in Middlesex, from all accounts she was a fairly bitter woman at times but she did raise 2 children, alone who both turned out to be very very kind, decent human beings.

So far there has been no discovery of any children between Dorothy and David Webb or his later wife Marjorie Bruce Barmby.

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